Succulent Letters, Numbers and Hearts

These letters are a great way to personalize a garden and make charming gifts. Made here in California from recycled wood and cedar. Frames are empty and can be planted. Be sure to keep your letters in 4-6 hours of direct sun and water regularly to keep them looking their best.

Letters are 10in high by roughly 8in wide by 3in deep.

Planting Instructions:

1. First line the back of your letter with coconut coir or sheet moss so loose potting soil will not spill out the open slats in the back.  
2. Sprinkle in a small amount of loose potting soil on top of the moss.
3. Plant  2" sized succulents into letter. Leave roots intact. Plant the succulents tightly together into planter, this will ensure the succulents stay put when you put the planter vertically.
4.  Finish by securing a small amount of moss around the edges of the planter so no soil shows.
5. It is ready to give as a present or hang on your wall right away. (as long as you planted snugly) Use the wood slats on the back of letter to hang on the wall with a nail or screw.
6. Let dry out between watering and be sure they are getting around 4-6 hours of sunlight a day. 
Most succulents prefer to be outside and your letter will usually last longer if living outdoors. 

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