Sea Glass Jouet Pot with Water Saucer from Momma Pots


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Sea Glass Jouet Pot with Water Saucer from Momma Pots

Introducing the latest addition to our Gemstone Collection – presenting a stunning range of vibrant colors and contemporary designs that effortlessly enhance any space. The Gemstone Jouet showcases a captivating shape, reminiscent of a cylinder in the upper portion that gracefully tapers down to an appealing point. This well-proportioned form exudes charm in its smaller sizes, while creating a striking impact with its intriguing angles in the larger sizes. For plants that thrive in a cozy environment, the Jouet provides a gentle embrace at the base, ensuring a sense of security for their roots. Crafted from top-quality, food-grade porcelain, each piece is meticulously designed. All pots are equipped with drainage holes and footed water saucers, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Small: 4.5” rim width x 5” Depth: 4.25” (2″ base width)

Medium: 6.5” rim width x 7” Depth: 6.25” (2.5″ base width)

Large: 8.5” rim width x 9.25” Depth: 8” (3.5″ base width)

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Weight4 lbs

Small 4.5", Medium 6.5", Large 8.5"