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Sometimes a desk or office space can feel a little rigid. That’s why we’ve developed this supple container out of natural woven jute to help organize your space while softening your surroundings. The Melia™ wastescan is available in a palette of soothing yet sophisticated earthy tones and is discreetly lined with plastic for easy cleaning. This woven jute wastacnan is the perfect way to add a natural touch to your space.

  • Soften Your SurroundingsThis natural woven jute wastecan dyed in earthy hues will blend seamlessly with your surroundings
  • Durable ConstructionStrong and durable, natural jute is woven tightly to withstand the wear and tear of use
  • Soothing ColorsAvailable in a soothing yet sophisticated palette of earthy tones

Dimensions: 11” dia x 14” h

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