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5 oz. Boxed Candle

It’s just the right scent to match your Enneagram number. Our 6 oz. scented candles in ombre glass jars are hand-poured with a unique fragrance curated to represent each Enneagram. Packaged in a giftable box with each number’s details and QR code to learn more, the Enneagram candle is a great gift for friends, family, and coworkers!

The Reformer

principled • perfectionist • purposeful • self-controlled
FRAGRANCE: A perfect blend of Palo Santo and Suede
Ones are conscientious and ethical, with a strong sense of right and wrong. They are teachers, crusaders, and advocates for change: always striving to improve things, but afraid of making a mistake. Well-organized, orderly, and fastidious, they try to maintain high standards, but can slip into being critical and perfectionistic. They typically have problems with resentment and impatience. 
At Their Best: wise, discerning, realistic, and noble. Can be morally heroic.

The Helper

caring • interpersonal • generous • empathetic
FRAGRANCE: A sweet aroma of Violet and Vanilla
Twos are empathetic, sincere, and warm-hearted. They are friendly, generous, and self-sacrificing, but can also be sentimental, flattering, and people-pleasing. They are well-meaning and driven to be close to others, but can slip into doing things for others in order to be needed. They typically have problems with possessiveness and with acknowledging their own needs. 
At Their Best: unselfish and altruistic, they have unconditional love for others.

The Achiever

success-oriented • pragmatic • adaptable • driven • excelling
FRAGRANCE: Our most successful fragrance – Tobacco & Patchouli
Threes are self-assured, attractive, and charming. Ambitious, competent, and energetic, they can also be status-conscious and highly driven for advancement. They are diplomatic and poised, but can also be overly concerned with their image and what others think of them. They typically have problems with workaholism and competitiveness. 
At Their Best: self-accepting, authentic, everything they seem to be—role models who inspire others.

The Individualist

sensitive • introspective • expressive • dramatic
FRAGRANCE: A unique scent of prickly spiced pear
Fours are self-aware, sensitive, and reserved. They are emotionally honest, creative, and personal, but can also be moody and self-conscious. Withholding themselves from others due to feeling vulnerable and defective, they can also feel disdainful and exempt from ordinary ways of living. They typically have problems with melancholy, self-indulgence, and self-pity. 
At Their Best: inspired and highly creative, they are able to renew themselves and transform their experiences.

The Investigator

intense • perceptive • innovative • reclusive
FRAGRANCE: A straightforward yet complex balance of eucalyptus and santal
Fives are alert, insightful, and curious. They are able to concentrate and focus on developing complex ideas and skills. Independent, innovative, and inventive, they can also become preoccupied with their thoughts and imaginary constructs. They become detached, yet high-strung and intense. They typically have problems with eccentricity, nihilism, and isolation. 
At Their Best: visionary pioneers, often ahead of their time, and able to see the world in an entirely new way.

The Loyalist

committed • engaging • responsible • anxious • need security
FRAGRANCE: A loyal fan-favorite, Fig & Olive
Sixes are reliable, hard-working, responsible, and trustworthy. Excellent “troubleshooters,” they foresee problems and foster cooperation, but can also become defensive, evasive, and anxious—running on stress while complaining about it. They can be cautious and indecisive, but also reactive, defiant and rebellious. They typically have problems with self-doubt and suspicion. 
At Their Best: internally stable and self-reliant, courageously championing themselves and others.

The Enthusiast

busy • spontaneous • versatile • acquisitive • scattered
FRAGRANCE: Travel-inspired scent of Cactus Flower
Sevens are extroverted, optimistic, versatile, and spo

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#1 Reformer, #2 Helper, #3 Achiever, #4 Individualist, #5 Investigator, #6 Loyalist, #7 Enthusiast, #8 Challenger, #9 Peacemaker