Succulent Cuttings Package

Succulent Cuttings... Aeonium, Crassula, Kalanchoe, Sedum, Graptoveria, Pachyveria, Echeveria. If you like surprises, then you'll love this succulent surprise of 100 cuttings of different succulent species!

Cuttings are taken when your order is shipped and need dry time so they make take up to a week to ship - by the time you get them, they will be ready to plant. Further instructions are included with your order.

We suggest the following number of packages for our do-it-yourself forms:

Orb Forms:
1 packages for small
2 packages for med
3 packages for large

Wreath form:
1 package for 11"
2 packages for 15"


***please note: if you live outside of the west coast we will ship your order at the beginning of the next week so your cuttings spend minimal time in transit to limit stretching and color loss***

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